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NFG Finance offers to open a brokerage account and start trading financial assets using leverage. The broker was founded by a team of experienced experts in the Forex industry, but the founding date remains unknown. Despite its headquarters in the United Kingdom, the company has not obtained a license from the Financial Conduct Authority, which is a requirement for any British intermediary. According to the official website, the platform is not regulated at all. The absence of registration documents is also a concern. This looks highly suspicious. Can such a broker be trusted?

How to Trade

The minimum deposit to start trading is quite high – £5,000. Leverage ranges from 1:20 to 1:100, depending on the selected tariff plan. The higher the account type, the more favorable the conditions and the more additional service is available:

  • Trading assistance.
  • Minimum guaranteed monthly ROI 9%-15%.
  • Bonus 50%-100%.
  • Portfolio Management.

Clients have access to various asset classes: forex, metals, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and stocks. However, NFG Finance only offers CFDs, with no spot or futures instruments.

The broker provides access to additional widgets: a news feed and online quotes of popular assets. There is also an FAQ and basic information about the traded market classes.

NFG Finance Vital Info

The founding date is not disclosed on the official website, hinting at a likely short operating period of the company. The approximate launch date of the platform can be deduced from the domain registration date. So, the domain was registered on July 7, 2023. Around then, the brokerage organization was likely established. And since February 2024, the company has been at nfg-finance.com.

NFG Finance reviews.io

NFG Finance reviews.io

Review #1

Can we all get together and sue the employees of this clone company?

Review #2

My first transactions with the broker turned out to be unsuccessful and I lost some money. However, I was pleasantly surprised when the company returned some of the lost money to me through the cashback programme. This showed that NFG Finance really cares about its clients and is willing to do everything possible to keep their loyalty.

Review #3

Hello. I too would like to share 4 years of experience. More specifically, I`ve been working with a broker for over four rears now. But exactly fruitfully and actively I think 4 years. I like the team`s quick response to my questions or clarifications in the work. Always withdraws my money and is just as easy to deposit.

I am satisfied and happy that there is such a company Nfg Finance.

Review #4

Hello everyone. Having worked with NFG Finance broker for a year and a half, I can say the following. My impressions are quite positive, the staff is pleasant to work with, especially the technical service, and there were no problems with the withdrawal of funds. The broker offers a wide range of opportunities for its users, including a convenient website, round-the-clock support service and a lot of modern tools for successful trading.

NFG Finance Details

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