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Full review of forex broker StoneBridge Ventures. All about StoneBridge Ventures

1. Stone Bridge Ventures accommodates traders from various countries. 2. Substantial track record.
1. No demo 2. No license

Today’s review shines a spotlight on StoneBridge Ventures, a broker that proudly showcases impressive statistics: 134,000 active traders spanning over 50 countries and a remarkable trading turnover of $57 billion. Undoubtedly, these numbers are noteworthy. Clearly, such impressive statistics are likely achievable only for an experienced market participant, and it seems that this company fits that description. Additionally, having offices in the United Kingdom adds another layer of credibility to their story. Well then, let’s explore what other offerings they have in store for traders.

How to Trade with Stonebridge Ventures Reviews

Before starting trading at Stone Bridge Ventures, you need to decide on the type of account. There are five options:

  1. Gold. The minimum deposit is $200. The client receives instructions on using the terminal and crypto wallet, as well as leverage up to 1:30, and spreads of 1%.
  2. Platinum. A deposit of at least $10,000 is required. The tariff includes the service of a personal account manager, weekly market reviews, more than 200 assets, leverage of 1:100, and spreads of 0.75%.
  3. Platinum honors. This type of account is available at Stone Bridge Ventures with a deposit from $50,000. Its difference from the previous ones includes live events for clients, priority fund withdrawal, educational tools, in-depth market reviews, leverage of 1:300, and spreads of 0.35%.
  4. Diamond. From $100,000. More favorable conditions, adding a financial plan, dedicated analyst, and exclusive trading events.
  5. VIP Club. Best pricing and premium conditions.

StoneBridge Ventures Vital Info

In the world of brokerage, the longevity of operations is a key factor, and it’s reassuring to find that the broker in question has been in business for quite a while. The official website’s domain, registered in 2018, is a positive indicator of the company’s enduring presence. Accordingly, the company has a well-established track record.

Compliance with industry standards and regulations is crucial for any reputable brokerage firm. In the case of Stone Bridge Ventures, rest assured, as the company adheres to all fundamental norms and policies. It places a strong emphasis on the safety of traders’ funds, following comprehensive security measures.

StoneBridge Ventures Reviews

stonebridge ventures reviews


Consistency is a key feature for me and thus far, this brand managed to ensure that. I offer the highest rating because it exceeded my initial expectations by a wide margin.


One of the minor downsides with StoneBridge is that the company relies on a single platform. Even though it is compatible with multiple devices, there’s room for growth in that area. Still, I continue to favor this broker because it has a diverse CFD coverage.


If you want to learn more about the markets, it’s possible to do that using the generous list of eBooks. Depending on your trading account, other educational resources might be unlocked.


I’m ok with the Gold trading account for now. The number of features and the stability of the platform are enough to feel satisfied. Based on my experience, the broker deserves 4 stars.


About a year ago, I moved from trading with a demo account to a genuine account since I was so satisfied with the platform (setting up the account was also very easy). Everything was good; throughout my six months of trading, my investment increased by more than 35%. The representatives then advised me to increase my payment and notify him before making any withdrawals. When he initiated three trades at the same time and lost 20,000 euros quickly, suspicions were raised. My account decreased from 43,000 euros to less than 1000 euros due to these managers purposefully initiating losses in transactions. My spouse intervened and halted all transactions. After nearly all of my money vanished, I asked stonebridgeventures for a return but I never heard back. I got no reply, i had to think hard and talk to people with experience and expertise in this field and every one of told me its a slim chance of getting my money back, I would not allow this guys getaway if there’s a chance , I got advised to get in touch with a H ! G H F O R E S T C A P I T A L, Despite my doubts, they kept me updated and acted swiftly. Without them I wouldn’t have been able to get back control of my $70k investment


I had been saving up for a long-awaited vacation when I was contacted by this company claiming to offer a high-interest investment option. Despite my reservations, their promises of a secure and lucrative return were enough to convince me to invest my hard-earned money into their company.Little did I know that this so-called “safe” investment option was in fact, anything but. Months after investing, I found myself unable to contact the owners of the company or access any of my money. It seemed that all of my careful savings were gone! Desperate for help, I contacted COSTNER RECOVERY who specializes in recovering funds from companies like the one I invested with. After providing them with all the documents they required, they began to work on getting me back my money – and sure enough just a few days later, it was back in my account!


They changed their website from .com to .net to .io in less than 6 months. This is proof they are bot legit. Since 3 days ago, they stopped calling their clients, they do not reply to emails. They simply vanished with people’s money. SCAM AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL!!! Lots of people lost money investing in this fraudulent company. Stone Bridge Ventures is not located in UK as they state in order to mislead people, and they have been warned, starting with January 2024, by Alberta Securities Commission and Ontario Securities Commission, as being fraudulent companies. DO NOT SEND THESE THIEVES MONEY! You will never get your money back!

StoneBridge Ventures Details

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